Interfaith Events in July

Author: Chris Abbas of the Baha’i community

1st July:

Five members of the Interfaith Council attended the First Minister’s celebration of 20 years of Devolution. The event took place in Cathays Park. I was pleased that it was acknowledged by Mark Drakeford in his short address, that for the first 10 years of Devolution there was no Interfaith Council, and now he couldn’t see how we could carry on without it (or words to that effect).

4th/5th July:

Lampeter University Interfaith Colloquium. Both Viv Bartlett (Baha’i) and Saleem Kidwai (Mulsim Council of Wales) were speakers at this year’s event. They were talking about Practices of Justice in a multi-faith society.

(Photo courtesy of Lampeter University)

9th July:

Faiths in Focus – the Martyrdom of the Báb – in Newport at Community House. Over 40  people attended the first event in this initiative to be hosted by the Bahá’ís. Many were from the Interfaith community whilst others were from the police, education and various other organisations. The story was told in a variety of ways, such as music, dramatic readings and video and everyone was invited to contribute their understandings on sacrifice whether in our own lives or the lives of the great Founders of all faiths.

(Photo courtesy of Deb Robinson)

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